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SOLD! - 1975 Ibanez 2402 SG 6/12 Double Neck Cherry MIJ JAPAN Lawsuit

SOLD! - 1975 Ibanez 2402 SG 6/12 Double Neck Cherry MIJ JAPAN Lawsuit

€ 1.895,00Prijs

This one owner Ibanez doubleneck is in near mint condition and has been in the original case for the last 40 years, just to be taken out for a gentle strum now and then.


The model is called Ibanez 2402, and is an unashamed rip-off of the famous Gibson EDS-1275 doubleneck, used by numerous guitarist including Jimmy Page, Pete Townshend, John McLaughlin, Alex Lifeson, Don Felder and Steve Howe just to mention a few. This Ibanez guitar, like most of the 70's Ibanez Gibson copies, is known as an Ibanez "lawsuit" guitar, made in 1975 made at the FujiGen Gakki Plant in Japan.


During the 70's, Ibanez was the prime example of a Japanese copy guitar manufacturer. Ibanez built affordable guitars of good quality, and thus filled in a gap for aspiring guitarists, not able to cough up the money for the real thing. They also built effects pedals, some of which have even become majorclassics. Eventually Ibanez started to produce their own original models, and became a top brand themselves, which happened at the end of the seventies. 


The 2402 model is one of Ibanez finest copy guitars. It came in cherry or white finish and both are very beautiful instruments that have the tone, look and feel quite similar to the originals. Especially the 12-string neck is a dead ringer for the Gibson!!


Although the Ibanez is an almost perfect copy of the EDS-1275, the switching arrangement has one big advantage over the Gibson. Whereas the Gibson has two switches for pickup control, the Ibanez has a pickup switch for each neck + a third switch to switch between the necks! This is a very practical arrangement in live situations, and I wonder why Gibson didn't do the same...

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