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SOLD! - 1975 Gibson Les Paul Deluxe Rocket Red Sparkle faded to Orange

SOLD! - 1975 Gibson Les Paul Deluxe Rocket Red Sparkle faded to Orange

€ 10.000,00Prijs

The epitome of Glam Rock? A mid 70's Gibson Les Paul Deluxe in faded Red Sparkle finish.


One of the most rare custom color Gibson Les Paul guitars ever produced!

Gibson only made 124 in Red Sparkle, 215 in Blue Sparkle and 2 lefties in the Kalamazoo factory.


No cracks or breaks, which is unique on its own already...! This guitar is all original. What? Yes, all original with no cracks, breaks or repairs and it has had a fresh pro setup! The stunning Red sparkle finish has faded to a super rare and cool Orange sparkle with lot of weather checking and playwear. The finish on the back and neck is also original and front and back light up beautiful under UV light. It is fitted with the original Gibson Patent number Mini Humbuckers with mounting plate, double line single ring Kluson Deluxe tuners, original 1974 pots, electronics, mahogany pancake body, 3-piece mahogany neck, stoptail, bridge, knobs, plastics etc. are all original!


Some 1975-1977 Gibson Les Paul Deluxe models have an oval decal on the back of the headstock with the serial, as does this one. The sticker however is long gone which is pretty common.


With a weight of 4.6Kg we know it's not an SG Junior but for a mid 70's Les Paul that is pretty ok!


So, come get it and be the hottest kid in town!

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