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SOLD! - 1974 Gibson ES-355TD Cherry Red faded to Melon

SOLD! - 1974 Gibson ES-355TD Cherry Red faded to Melon

€ 7.995,00Prijs

Very rare and stunningly beautiful 1974 ES-355 Cherry Red faded to Melon!! Most of the 345 and 355's from the mid 70's are either walnut brown or wine red. But not this one!


It plays very easy and sounds amazing. Open and woody for lack of better words. It rocks like a tiger but it can sound warm and jazzy as well.


The 355 is all original with no cracks or breaks and comes including the original case. The beautiful waffleback tuners are still on there and the original strap buttons are also back on. Knobs, vibrato tailpiece, bridge (new saddles, originals in the case), pickups, picguard etc etc are all original. The  original 1974 wiring harness incl 250gr choke and 100/300k pots is extracted as a complete set and kept in a box, ready to be popped back in. The harness is replaced with True Vintage Taper 550k pots, NOS sprague Hirell bumblebee caps en a new pickup switch. The Varitone switch is disassembled and the jack is now mono. 


As a result the 355 now carries about half a kilo less weight (!!!) and sounds more open. In the middle position it has a super cool out of phase sound as the neck pickup magnet is flipped as usually done in the Gibson factory. Has had a fresh refret with medium jumbo frets and a perfect setup.

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