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SOLD! - 1974 Fender Stratocaster Olympic White Rosewood Big 70's Headstock

SOLD! - 1974 Fender Stratocaster Olympic White Rosewood Big 70's Headstock

€ 5.250,00Prijs

Fender Olympic White Stratocasters with rosewood fingerboard were quite rare in the 70's and there aren't many around for sale. Plus most of them are refinished or routed for buckers (...) but not this baby!!

Original Olympic White body with an awesome patina and color, no routings, no mods and in proper condition. It has the original 1974 Bolt-on maple neck with unbound rosewood veneer fingerboard, dot inlays and headstock "bullet" truss rod adjustment. The Fender Stratocaster headstock logo has the early decal with single patent number 2,741,146. The neck is stamped 0901 12xx (Stratocaster, Rosewood fingerboard, week 12, xx the year is very hard to read) and H. FERRY stamped on the face of the heel. The tuners were once replaced by Schaller mini rotomatics but a set of original Fender F-stamped open pan tuners are back on and although they turn not as smooth as reissues, they work and stay in tune. The neck has had a refret and the fretboard was sanded so now it looks, feels and plays very very good again. It has all original screws, pickguard, jack output, neckplate stamped 523170, double stringtrees, Fender 010347 Tremolo block bridge, 027037 saddles, tremolo arm etc. 1 tone knob is replaced and 1 pickup cover lights up different but maybe it's molded from different plastics. The backplate is missing as per usual.

The gray bottom staggered pole piece pickups all date 1974 (stamped 161174 (neck and middle) and 120674 (bridge)), measure 5.49k neck, 5.29K middle, 6.04K bridge, sound great and are extremely versatile: warm and full in the neck, powerful and open mids in the middle and lead trebly in the bridge with a lot of twang. The middle position between the M and B pickup is very cool. The CTS pots are all original and are stamped 137 7406 (week 06, 1974), the original 3-way switch was replaced for a 5-way as was a pretty common thing to do at the time.

The guitar has been played, but it was all in all well treated. It is a truly resonant instrument with some fairly uncommon characteristics and weighs 4.2Kg just before breakfast.

Comes including a probably European or Canadian 70's case with grey plush lining.

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