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SOLD! - 1974 Fender Stratocaster Custom Olympic White - "Ducky"

SOLD! - 1974 Fender Stratocaster Custom Olympic White - "Ducky"

€ 3.500,00Prijs

This all original '74 Strat is in great playing condition and looks absolutely the part. The Olympic White finish has aged to a duck yellow color and the body shows marks from heavy use and honest playwear with several nicks and dings throughout. It is such a nice battle axe that has been gigged a lot!! The neck feels super smooth and it takes about 2 seconds for your hands to get comfy with it. 


This beast has all of its original CBS 1974 grey back staggered pole piece pickups, pots, hardware, tuners and even the trem cover. The pickups sound absolutely the part and big tones com out at the strike of a note! The only thing changed is that it was once equipped with some sort of pickup sensor. This was professionaly removed by a luthier and the round hole in the body has been fitted with a piece of blond maple. No other routings there, its nice and clean. (pfew...)


This axe has that Jimi Hendrix vibe all over! Through a nice tube amp, this guitar has a way of singing and roaring. Throw on some grit, and you've got all the rock/blues flavoured sounds you wish for.

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