SOLD! - 1974 Fender Stratocaster Custom Color Black Tremolo Maple neck

€ 3.200,00Prijs

Beautiful David Gilmour vibe Stratocaster: Blackie on a budget! :-)


Original grey bobbin staggered pole pickups, pots, plastics, custom color finish, tuners etc etc!


The Black finish has aged nicely and the body shows marks from use and honest play-wear with several nicks and dings throughout but its still in a very nice condition. The neck feels smooth and is worn in and feels comfortable. Electronically, this Strat sports all of its original electronics and gray back staggered pole piece single coil pickups. They sound absolutely the part and Hendrix tones com out at the strike of a note! 


The sound is very open and warm, with that gorgeous shimmer that can enhance any musical landscape. Through a nice tube amp, this guitar has a way of singing in the upper register. Throw on some grit, and you've got the perfect rock/blues flavored sound. 

Comes in a very nice gig worthy new flight case.


ps: 4.35kgs of tone wood (I think its a Les Paul disguised as a Stratocaster)

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