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SOLD! - 1974 One owner Fender Stratocaster Sunburst

SOLD! - 1974 One owner Fender Stratocaster Sunburst

€ 4.750,00Prijs

One owner guitar! Bought with his father in 1974 and played by the same professional musician for all his life, who was well know in his local region in the south of The Netherlands.


This nice lightweight 3.35Kg Strat is all original and all parts date to late 1973 - early 1974: grey bottom staggered pole piece pickups, neck (neck date is not visible which is common for this era), body, Sunburst finish, bridge, saddles, pots, knobs, pickguard, F-tuners, nut, ashtray bridge cover, strap, owners manual, spring pouch and the Fender OHSC with orange plush lining.


No repairs, breaks, routings etc. only a couple of touch-ups on the body here and there as the owner played it a lot but wanted to keep it to look as new as possible. Also has a professional refret but the  fretboard is in immaculate condition as well!


But the best thing is: it rings like a bell and the staggered polepiece pickups have that Hendrix vibe to them all day long

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