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SOLD! - 1973 Gibson Les Paul Deluxe Rocket Red Sparkle

SOLD! - 1973 Gibson Les Paul Deluxe Rocket Red Sparkle

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The epitome of Glam Rock? A mid 70's Gibson Les Paul Deluxe in red or blue Sparkle finish....


One of the most rare custom color Gibson Les Paul guitars ever produced! The two special colors Red Sparkle and Blue Sparkle were only released by Gibson in a small series in 1975, with a total of 231 guitars in Blue- and only 125 pieces in Red Sparkle.


But hold on to your wallets people, there's a story to this particular one!!!


Over the past years this was sold (a few times!!) as an original 1973 prototype Deluxe Red Sparkle, with a back story that the American superstar Dolly Parton had ordered a custom-made product from Gibson for her upcoming tour: a couple of Les Paul's that glitter and sparkle in the stage light. And indeed beautifully patriotic as she is, she requested one in blue and one in red. As a result, 5 copies of each in Blue and Red Sparkle were built at the Gibson factory and delivered to her. Apparently those responsible at Gibson liked the Sparkle paintwork so much that they decided to produce these in a limited batch two years later. At least, that was the story... There is nothing to back this up. Emails from Gibson stating the originality were lost, the serialnumber is nearly impossible to read and most of all, the finish doesn't glow under blacklight.... Although very well done the top could pass as per original but the back and sides of the body and neck show too much signs of a refin.

That said, an original early 70's Sparkle Deluxe would easily sell for EUR 7.500+ and this guitar is all original except for the refin. Parts, electronics, pickups, pots, plastics, tuners, bridge, etc. Even the case is the original purple plush Gibson Les Paul case and it looks pristine!

So forget about what could have been and asve yourself some bucks. Oh, did we already say this one sounds just amazing? The Mini Humbuckers sounds full and rich and roar like a lioness!!

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