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SOLD! - 1973 Gibson Les Paul Custom LE 1954 Reissue AlNiCo + P90

SOLD! - 1973 Gibson Les Paul Custom LE 1954 Reissue AlNiCo + P90

€ 6.500,00Prijs

Here we have a super rare example of Gibson's first Limited Edition Reissue ´54 Les Paul Custom - only a few where made in 1972/1973! 


Serial Numbers on these have a "LE" Prefix" in fact. This is a very faithful replica of a 1954 Les Paul Custom, the original "Fretless Wonder". Fran Beecher (lead guitarist with Bill Haley and The Comets) used one of these in the movie "Rock Around the Clock" for the famous solo on the actual song. 


Like the original from 1954 this has a multiple bound solid Honduras Mahogany body, (not the maple top like all of the other post 50's Les Paul Custom's ended up with), gold hardware, waffle back tuners, block inlay ebony fretboard, POT's date to week 3, 1973 and the solder is untouched. And yes, it has the super cool pickup setup these guitars have become so famous for: 

1 x P-90 Single Coil Bridge pickup for crazy lead rock sounds,

1 x AlNiCo staple Neck pickup which is absolutely fat and roaring!!


This beast is in good condition with some wear on the body and neck. No cracks or breaks, nice yellow binding. A refret was performed very professionally and it play's easy and smooth up and down the neck. The gold plated hardware shows wear from playing but I think it just adds to the mojo. As these were only made with a big '54 1-piece mahogany neck, and this one has a rare but very comfortable '60 slim taper neck, it looks like the neck was shaved and refinished when purchased in the mid 70's. It does blacklight like old 70's nitro but there is a difference in light between the body and neck. No cracks or breaks can be detected though, which is pretty good news!! And with 4.3Kg this instrument is not really to be considered a lightweight but for an early 70's all mahogany Les Paul Custom it is pretty ok by all means. And finally and most important:


This Les Paul Custom '54 reissue is one great sounding, rare and spectacular Les Paul for sure

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