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SOLD! - 1972 Marshall P.A. 20 model 1917 20WATT

SOLD! - 1972 Marshall P.A. 20 model 1917 20WATT

€ 3.750,00Prijs

"Look, mam: its a baby Plexi!!"


As you already know by now we are absolute suckers for old Marshall 18 & 20-WATT amplifiers.

With pubs and clubs demanding lower stage volumes these little 20WATT amps allow you to get "that" Marshall tone at a reasonable volume - plus they take pedals great. As the 50 and 100 watters become less attractive for home/gigging/recording because of their sheer loudness, these little 20's are sure to become more collectable. And don't forget: a 2 x EL84 20WATT cranked Marshall amp still is bad ass loud!!

If you're looking for that classic 60's Marshall plexi tone but don't want the police to show up each weekend because of the blistering volume levels, this amplifier is just the one you're looking for!

This particular version dates to January 1972 and is in excellent condition. Internally and externally original from the transformers, pots, knobs to the original power and preamp tubes. Pretty convenient is that it has a 110-250 Voltage Mains Selector switch meaning you can simply change the selector to your local voltage requirements anywhere in the world!

Having played this one over and over on our 1966 Marshall Pinstripe 4x10 PA Columns, we have fallen in love with it's tone head over heels - it really sings & roars! And they are so simple with only two controls for each channel (Tone/Volume). It’s easy to make these amps sound good, just plug in and put everything on max! You can jumper the two channels together for even more juice.

Marshall tones at low volume - what more do we need...


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