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SOLD! - 1972 Marshall 2061 20WATT "Lead & Bass 20" PA20 mini plexi

SOLD! - 1972 Marshall 2061 20WATT "Lead & Bass 20" PA20 mini plexi

€ 2.750,00Prijs

These 2-channel 20WATT 2061 Marshall’s from the early 70’s are super cool and a lot of fun! 


And this one also has a power voltage selector on the chassis, so it can be used anywhere in the world.


There are two different models of this amplifier: The 2061 Lead & Bass 20 and the 1917 PA20, but they are basically the same amp, just marketed for a different audience.


The 2061 is plain and simple with only two controls for each channel: Tone and Volume. It’s easy to make these amps sound really good: just plug in and put everything on MAX! You can ‘jumper’ the two channels together for even more juice. Even though the amp is only 20WATTS, at full tilt the 2061 is pretty damn loud!! It can be tamed though by jumpering the channels and turn the bass channel all the way down until you find that sweetspot, making it an incredibly flexible amp, whether in the studio, at home or for live performance. 


The Marshall 2061’s sweetly distorted, harmonically rich, thick, musical tones result from the power tubes being overdriven. As a result, when ‘cranked’ the 2061 is incredibly touch-sensitive, cleaning up or, if desired, sitting right on the edge of distortion when the guitar’s volume is turned down. It responds well to picking dynamics too. The two channels have their own high and low input. Channel one is known as the lead channel and has the classic Marshall tone. The second channel know as the bass channel is much darker sounding and is voiced for a tighter low-end.


Anyway, this beauty is all original and recently checked over when serviced. The original T2650 D.E. power transformer and C2116 D.E.Output Transformer (with 4, 8, 16Ohm lugs), old stock vintage tubes and an optional cool cabinet will make it sound like the real deal :-

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