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SOLD! - 1972 Framus SG 5/370 S/370 Cherry

SOLD! - 1972 Framus SG 5/370 S/370 Cherry

€ 750,00Prijs

Original 1972 Framus SG 5/370 as confirmed in an email by Hans-Peter Wilfer, CEO of Framus & Warwick GmbH & Co Music Equipment KG. 


Built in 1972 during the time when the higher-end Framus quality was absolutely on par with Gibson... (Somebody should have told Pete Townshend and there would have been more Gibsons left today :-) )


This is a very nice instrument. Great playability, great sound. I really like this SG as it looks, feels and sounds like a real SG should!


Original Cherry Red finish, which has weather-checked crazy like a 60's Gibson Melody Maker, solid Mahogany body, fat chunky bound neck with an Ebony fingerboard and pearloid inlays. The 2 Framus P90 pickups and original POTs sound VERY close to the Gibson P90's. The Framus Vibrato system actually works better then the Gibson solutions from that period! Very nice Framus solution to a rollerbrige for intonation and trouble-free use of the vibrato system. And a super German quality 6-ply (!!) black-white pickguard. Only thing replaced was the Tremolo handle which is a Gibson reissue.


And don't think this was a cheap rip-off: In 1972 you had to churn out a pretty hefty DM 695.- to call yourself the owner of this instrument, which was quite a lot of money!

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