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SOLD! - 1972-1973 Guild F50R Jumbo

SOLD! - 1972-1973 Guild F50R Jumbo

€ 2.995,00 Normale prijs
€ 2.695,50Verkoopprijs

This is what dreams are made of...


These guitars are tone monsters!! The sound is so balanced and rich, not boomy at all. And she plays super easy and sweet all along the neck. Its a stunner, ready to kill any Gibson J-200 Jumbo out there ;-) 

Date stamped C JAN 5 1973


Flagship guitar of the Guild Company, "Handmade in an otherwise imperfect world" at the Westerly factory. The F50R built in any Guild factory is worth looking at but many Guild owners say that Westerly built Guilds are their favorite ones.


Cool headstock inlay, peghead shield, Mother of Pearl block inlay, Ebony fretboard, clean spruce top and beautiful rosewood sides and back.

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