SOLD! - 1971 Marshall Plexi Artiste 2040 JMP50 50WATT 2x12 Reverb Combo

€ 1.750,00Prijs

This is an extremely early (one of the first!) Artiste combo with built in reverb. The majority of these models you see for sale are from the '72-'78 period - so this is one of the first ones ever made.


Therefore, it has the sought-after handwired point-to-point board which has had a relatively simple conversion to a Plexi type circuit. As a result, it now has become a wild beast! It roars like a plexi and has huge amounts of grunt and great break-up with massive bottom. The cleans however shine like a VOX with a very open sounding chime. You can feel it in your gut when cranking this animal.


This one sounds massive and it shows: It has been gigged for a reason!!


Despite all the earmarks of a street-fighting man, almost all parts are still original. From the transformers to the speakers, tolex, grillcloth down to the Bulgin power connector! It has been played but loved.


Serial: 5245C

50 watts

2 x EL34 power

4 x ECC83 preamp

Label Date: 9th November 1971

Original Drake 1202-164 Power Transformer JMP50

Original Drake 784-139 Output Transformer JMP50

Original chocke

point-to-point circuit board

2 x Celestion G12H Greenback T1886 12inch 55Hz 16Ohms HD27 (Aug 27, 1971) with Marshall labels

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