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SOLD! - 1971 Gibson Les Paul Deluxe Cherry Sunburst "Pete Townshend"

SOLD! - 1971 Gibson Les Paul Deluxe Cherry Sunburst "Pete Townshend"

€ 3.250,00 Normale prijs
€ 2.750,00Verkoopprijs

Get ready for some serious windmilling!!!

This is an original 1971 Gibson Les Paul Deluxe with no cracks or breaks and the original Sunburst finish! The pancake body and 3-piece neck with small volute have no cracks or repairs and the guitar was modified to resemble the famous Les Paul Deluxe's Pete Townshend played with The Who. When dinosaurs ruled the world...

It has an original Gibson Embossed Patent No. sticker Mini Humbucker in the middle position and 2 Dimarzio PAF humbuckers in the bridge and neck. 3 Pots have been replaced, the middle volume pot is the original 1971 CBA pot. The capacitor is an original Black Sprague 160p capacitor. Two mini toggle switches are removed in between the knobs and the holes filled with a piece of maple. Current setup is 3 x volume and 1 x master tone so you can make any configuration of pickups imaginable: neck + middle + bridge, neck + middle, neck + bridge, bridge + middle, neck only, middle only, bridge only. The knobs are also replaced, the bridge and stoptail are original. Tuners are replaced with 70's Grover tuners. Toggle switch, ring and knob are original, as are the strap pins. Underneath the back strap pin is an original 60's diamond strap pin plate as seen on original 60's Gibson Trini Lopez Custom guitars! Comes with a 70's Les Paul case. It was valued at 2.000 Dutch Guilders back in 1984 :-)

It is not to everybody's taste I'm sure but rather then buying a Custom Shop Townshend Reissue you can now get an original early 70's Les Paul that looks like there is no tomorrow. Oh, and on stage you will have all eyes on you so you better get your act together before swinging that arm like an ape catching a handful of bananas!!

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