SOLD! 1971 Fender Telecaster Blonde with a Smugglers Route

€ 3.250,00Prijs

Really gorgeous 1971 Fender Telecaster with a cool dark yellowed "smokey" Blonde finish.


It has a big "Smugglers Tele" routing underneath the pickguard so you can now pretend to be Keith Richards and smuggle all kinds of shit to your gigs all over the world ;-) (Dont do this kids: its not allowed!!!)


This Tele sounds very sweet but can rock as well. Clear tones, nice sustain and a great look and feel! Ready to hit the stage show them your cool :-) The neck pickup sounds rich and warm, the bridge pickup clear and twangy with a good quack to it. Great for lead solo's and chick'n picking.


Neck stamp and serial date to 1971, pots replaced, pickups seem to be original (?) with the black/white and black/yellow leads. Original switch, tuners, pickguard and finish. Bridge replaced.

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