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SOLD! - 1970 Gibson ES-340 TDW Walnut

SOLD! - 1970 Gibson ES-340 TDW Walnut

€ 4.995,00Prijs

Super cool and rare 3.75Kg Gibson ES-340 TDW in Walnut from 1970, the 2nd year of production for this Thinline Gibson ES model. Sharing many similarities to the ES-335, the ES-340 is an under-appreciated model from this period of Gibson history and a true gem.

Retailing at $525 compared to $455 for the ES-335, the ES-340 was not only more expensive, it was produced in far fewer numbers than the ES-335 with only 184 Walnut ES-340's shipped in 1970. The ES-340 was available in Natural (TDN) and Walnut (TDW)

The ES-340 was constructed in the same manner as the ES-335 but used a different combination of Tone woods. It features a Birch laminate semi hollow body with center block and a three-piece maple neck instead of the Maple laminate and three-piece Mahogany of the ES-335. Likewise, electronically the ES-340 deviated from the traditional 2 x Gibson patent number sticker humbucker setup, the wiring allowed for an out-of-phase setting through the three way switch with a separate pickup ‘blender’ control knob. Although innovative the system wasn’t the most practical or popular with players leading many ES-340 to be converted to traditional Gibson wiring, just as this example.

The guitar looks fantastic with it’s pronounced grain highlighted by the Walnut finish, the guitar has A LOT of lacquer checking throughout which really adds to the guitars mojo. The three-piece maple neck has ‘Made in USA’ and a small volute, the Gibson Logo is typical of 1970 and the orange label in the soundhole is a late '60's type. Likewise, the profile of the neck is very nice, just as you would expect.

The trapeze setup was converted to Stoptail sometime long ago and it also has had a Bigsby at some point. The holes of the Bigsby and trapeze tailpiece have been filled and restored, the bridge is the original Gibson Pat.No. ABR, the stoptail studs are late 60's as well. The stoptail is a recent aged TonePro.

Electronically the guitar has been converted to traditional ES-335 spec (2 x volume, 2 x tone). To achieve the conversion the original loom has been modified but the switch, pots, electronics and pickups are still the original ones. The pickups are both excellent sounding, strong output Patent Number sticker humbuckers. The refret is in good condition as is the fretboard. Although there is a little playing wear to the frets there is plenty of life left. The guitar sounds excellent; late 60's Humbuckers are are consistently great sounding pickups and it has a loud, resonant acoustic voice. Comes in a later Gibson Custom Shop hardshell case.

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