SOLD! - 1969 Jennings (Ex VOX) 4 x G12H Guitar Speaker Cabinet, Model D4

€ 1.750,00Prijs

This rare piece of history is a Jennings Electronic Industries D4 cabinet in all its glory. 

Designed and manufactured in 1969 by Tom Jennings after he sold the VOX company, the J.100 with the D4 cab was one of the first guitar amps marketed by Tom Jennings's new company, initially "Jennings Electronic Developments" (in mid 1968), then "Jennings Electronic Industries" by 1969.

As used with an AC100 amp or as a J.100 set, this cab is 100% original and in perfect working condition. Tolex, cab, speakers, speaker cones and wiring are all untouched. Might need a bit of cleaning and dusting after many years of storage in a studio but as you can see this still is in amazing condition after 50 years!!

The cab sports all 4 original Celestion Pre Rola G12H T1217 30W Thames Ditton UK speakers, that are very nice sounding. Louder and more ‘boomy’ then the G12M's from that period. Strong in the upper mid range. No rubs, no crackles, all tested perfect. Date stamped MB29 (29 dec 1969) & AC1 (1 jan 1970)

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