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SOLD! - 1969 Gibson SG Special Cherry DC P90

SOLD! - 1969 Gibson SG Special Cherry DC P90

€ 3.999,00Prijs

Pete Townshend vibe all over! It’s no wonder that SG Specials were his main stage guitars between 1968 and 1971: this is a real star to play!


The case of this stunning SG Special shows that it has been around the world but the SG itself shows that it was taken care off with love for the instrument. This must be something very Special...


No cracks, no breaks, which for an SG model is very rare indeed. Lovely original finish with most of its Cherry color and a few marks here and there. Brazilian Rosewood fingerboard is in great condition. Has a very small volute as in 1969.


The only thing replaced are the tuners, the rest is all original. P90's, electronics, POTS date to 1969, even the Vibrola tailpiece is still on there.


This guitar exhibits impressive sustain, precise and clear top end sparkle, and a proper bass. It’s nice and woody and compressed. Playing this guitar is almost effort free. The action is super low and the frets so flat that you can whizz around this neck like lightning. It almost goes without saying that upper fret access couldn’t be much easier and your fingers might venture into higher altitudes than they are accustomed to.

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