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1969-1970 Gibson Les Paul Custom Black Beauty

€ 4.950,00Prijs

This is one serious, super melodic, sweet sounding, rich tone '69-'70 Custom... Really RINGS unplugged and roars when plugged in a Marshall on edge. Has nothing to do with the dull sounds some can have with some of these 70's Customs. This is something different. A true bliss to play and a joy to hear. Sounds amazing, that sound only dense wood heavy LP's have.


No cracks or breaks visible. 2-piece body, 3 piece mahogany neck, small transitional volute. Waffleback tuners, original Gibson T-Top Patent Number stickered Humbuckers. Pots likely replaced but have no date stamp. Bridge, tailpiece, stude, pickguard, plastics all original. Back of the neck was refinished, however we cannot detect any cracks or breaks. Most likely the finish was worn off. Two coil switches have been installed between the volume and tone knobs to switch the pickups to single coils. Makes it one very versatile rocker!