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SOLD!  - 1968 Marshall 4x12 1960B Basketweave Bottom Cabinet 4 x G12H T1281

SOLD! - 1968 Marshall 4x12 1960B Basketweave Bottom Cabinet 4 x G12H T1281

€ 3.500,00Prijs

This is a rare find these days: an original late 1968 Marshall 4x12 Basketweave bottom cab with 4 x PRE ROLA Celestion T1281 G12H's from November '68.

Killer vintage tone, clear highs with strong lower mids


This beautiful cabinet holds the original quad of Celestion Pre Rola G12H T1281 speakers with a 18LA date code they are dated 18 November 1968. The original pulsonic cones are stamped 34 102 014 and 32 102 014 and the speakers are 15-Ohm and 55Hz.


The T1281 is probably the most sought after greenback model of them all!


The cab is super acoustic and the speakers test perfect. All cones run free. No rub, buzz or weird shit. It has been tested in our shop and it sounds absolutely roaring!! The condition of the cab is pretty good with quite a lot of scuffs, marks and tears to the tolex and on the sides a painted bandname is hidden underneath a piece of ducttape but everything down to the basketweave grillcloth, metal handles, woodwork, Greenbacks, input jack plate, serial tag and wire seem to be original from 1968!


The T1281 and T1534 are basically the same speaker. According to dr.decibel at the T1281 is the Marshall or no labelled version and T1534 is the standard Celestion labelled version. These are the G12H Celestion greenback model with the 55Hz cones.The T1281 first appears around October 1966, and was an exclusive model to Marshall. They were used in the 100 logo 4×12 cabs and are regarded by many as “the Hendrix speaker” because he can clearly be seen using these cabs in old footage.Loud and bassy, with the thick sounding lower mids. Also used by countless other pioneering guitarists back in the 60’s such as Jimmy Page and Ritchie Blackmore.

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