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SOLD! - 1968 Fender Vibro Champ Silverface Vibrochamp AA764 Tremolo 110V

SOLD! - 1968 Fender Vibro Champ Silverface Vibrochamp AA764 Tremolo 110V

€ 1.695,00Prijs

Pretty rare 1968 "Alu-Frame" version in great original condition!


Introduced in 1964, the tremolo-equipped blackface Vibro Champ was a distant cousin of Fender’s Champion 800 and 600 models from the late 1940s, which evolved into the Champ-series amps in their various incarnations during the 1950s. 


These popular tweed models – which Duane Allman and Eric Clapton famously (supposedly?) used on records such as Layla and Other Assorted Love Songs and 461 Ocean Boulevard – were produced until 1964 and had the distinction of being the last of Fender’s original tweed amplifiers.  


In fall 1964, Fender introduced the blackface Champ and Vibro Champ models. Both retained the single 6V6 power tube running in single-ended Class A but added bass and treble controls and a three-knob tone stack, as well as a “vibrato” circuit with speed and intensity controls on the Vibro Champ. Equipped with an eight-inch speaker, the new Champs were favored for their warm, clear tones and mild overdrive when cranked. 


This classic amp sports the late ’60s drip-edged framework, with a silver control panel and a silver/turquoise grille with aluminum trim. On the inside it is upgraded with an 8-inch Weber Signature speaker. The original 1968 Fender Special Design Oxford speaker is included in the sale altough it has had some work done to the conus. The speaker cinc plug was changed to Jack to make it more easy to replace or put something else in there. The amp is fully handwired and the output and 110Volt power transformer are original and date to 1968.


When tested with a Les Paul with P90's, Humbuckers and a Tele, all sounded terrific through this little beauty. The Class A circuit delivers a rich tone, with clarity and sparkle to spare, and it's easy getting great sounds from humbuckers and single-coils in clean and distorted modes. The amp produces smooth chimey tones that start to become a bit hairy at around four on the volume knob and becomes progressively more saturated and sustaining as you turn up. With the volume at around eight it's producing a fat, crisp tone that’s very responsive to the guitar volume and cleans up beautifully when you roll down. The sounds have good balance and presence, and the low-end delivery and volume are impressive for the size. It’s actually bigger sounding than I expected. With the cool tremolo you can create a distinctly deep wobble over a wide range of speed and intensity levels, and you’ve got the perfect combination that makes this amp fun and inspiring to play.


If you’ve never gotten your vibe on with a Champ, go get it now before it's gone again...

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