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1967 "MG rebuild" Marshall 2x12 50WATT Bluesbreaker Extension Cabinet

1967 "MG rebuild" Marshall 2x12 50WATT Bluesbreaker Extension Cabinet

€ 2.750,00Prijs

This is one of the infamous "MG fake rebuilds" of an original 1967 Marshall Horizontal 2x12 type design cabinet for use as an external cab with the model 1962 combo, also known as the BluesBreaker.

Originals were initially for sale in 1967 for GBP 55 and are HYPER RARE!

This cab was sold in the past as an original Bluesbreaker extension cabinet but we are pretty sure it's an MG replica with an original vintage cabinet, original 60's Marshall tolex and a 2-piece 60's pinstripe grillcloth. The plate on the back reads MADE IN ENGLAND, SER No 19061

The cab is fitted with 2  x original Celestion Pre Rola G12M T1221 25 WATTS 16 Ohms 12-inch speakers with a fake date stamp BM18 (18 February 1967) but with a single tab chassis, no cutout at the side of the black solder terminal, 16 Ohms designation on the label and original cones stamped 5 102 003 and 2 102 003 these are either mid to late '68 or early '69 real Pre Rola Celestions!

Everything aside, this cabinet sounds absolutely KILLER and it has an amazing rock sound that you will never get from a new cabinet. And it looks like the real deal as well!

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