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SOLD! - 1967 Marshall model 1974 18WATT 1x12 pinstripe Combo Tremolo

SOLD! - 1967 Marshall model 1974 18WATT 1x12 pinstripe Combo Tremolo

€ 6.500,00Prijs

As close as you can get to the real deal... As a matter of fact: we are sure this was sold as per original a few times before we got our hands on it!!!


This baby is an amazing infamous "MG" reproduction / rebuilt of one of the priciest and most legendary amps on the vintage market: The Marshall 18watt "mini Bluesbreaker" combo. It is positioned at no.8 on the top 15 list of most valuable guitar amps of all time!!


Over the past couple of decades they have been making the most spot on reproductions of Marshall amps on the planet, using all original parts!


It was completely built-up from vintage parts with era-correct super hard to find RS Radio Spares transformers, circuit board and components including original 60's pinstripe grillcloth, 60's Marshall footswitch, knobs, switches, chassis, 60's correct Hunts, Erie, Wima, Mullard and tropical fish capacitors and an original 1967 PRE ROLA Celestion G12M T1220 20WATT Greenback speaker date stamped 13GM (July 13, 1967) on the front gasket. When done it was fitted with old stock Mullard and Brimar tubes to get THE TONE!!


This amp delivers a mind-blowing classic vintage Marshall tone with open cleans and a rich, dynamic tube breakup when overdriven! It really blossoms when pushed!


Here's a bit of history on the legendary 18W Marshalls

In 1965 Marshall introduced the 18W "practice" combo amps. The 18 watt was equipped with a pair of EL84 output tubes and while it does not offer the same amount of clean headroom of larger wattage amplifiers, this particular amplifier was very popular for those wanting the "cranked up tone" at a lower overall volume level. These 18WATTs certainly could "rock"!! 


There were originally 3 combo models: 1958, 1973 and 1974. They had a tremolo and an optional reverb. These amps used two EL84 tubes in the power amp, three ECC83's in the pre amp and an EZ81 rectifier in the power supply. If the reverb was fitted, an ECL86 was used as the reverb drive/recovery tube. These 18W amps were discontinued in 1967, to be succeeded by the 20W Marshalls. The original 3 18WATT models compared:


#1958 JMP 18W 2x10" combo 3x ECC83, 2x EL84 & 1x EZ81

#1973 JMP 18W 2x12" combo 3x ECC83, 2x EL84 & 1x EZ81

#1974 JMP 18W 1x12" combo 3x ECC83, 2x EL84 & 1x EZ81


If you want a vintage 18WATT Marshall combo and don't want to pay 20k for it - come and get it now!!

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