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SOLD! - 1967 Gibson ES-330 TD Sparkling Burgundy Metallic 2.7Kg

SOLD! - 1967 Gibson ES-330 TD Sparkling Burgundy Metallic 2.7Kg

€ 7.995,00 Normale prijs
€ 7.000,00Verkoopprijs

Very rare and all original 2.77Kg custom color 1968 Gibson ES-330 TD in Sparkling Burgundy!


Gibson ES guitars in Sparkling Burgundy finish are very rare and they were only offered between 1967 and 1969. This beautiful example has still a lovely dark Burgundy shine which has hardly faded!


It has a nice feeling D-shape neck with a 40mm nut and the frets have plenty of life left. It's all original, although there was a set of Grovers installed at one time but the original Kluson Deluxe tuning keys are now back in place and hold the guitar in key just perfectly.

It is 100% complete along with the original soft case (!!) in pretty good condition with only a few re-glued seams along the edges.

This one is a real looker and has some nicks and dings, finish checking and wear left and right but nothing serious. One bigger chip on the back of the headstock on the top but that is about it. The guitar itself remains structurally sound with no cracks, breaks, repairs or touch-up's and it is all there. Sounds beautiful with lots of harmonics and a cool useable feedback when pushed into an amp on 10!

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