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SOLD! - 1967 Burns Baldwin 706 Sunburst

SOLD! - 1967 Burns Baldwin 706 Sunburst

€ 800,00 Normale prijs
€ 600,00Verkoopprijs

The beautiful semi hollow body is designed by Crucianelli and the nice bound Burns neck with the distinctive triple-dot octave marker and the flattened scroll headstock make this a very cool 1966 Baldwin ES-335 style guitar.


Burns-Baldwin-Crucianelli gave birth to this Anglo-Italian assembly to satisfy the demand for sensibly priced ES-335 style guitars and compete in that market segment with other European imports such as the popular Hagström Viking and Vox Super-Lynx series. Its a classic design with classic controls and a classy look that works and sounds exactly as expected.


The production of these guitars started in the second half of 1967 and export to the U.S. began later that year or in the very beginning of 1968. And although the semi-acoustic craze has passed its peak and was already declining at that time, the 700 Series was Baldwin’s absolute best seller!!


The here offered non-tremolo model 706 is quite a bit rarer than the 706-V tremolo model and its trapeze with a ‘B’ medallion in the middle is a simplified copy of the tailpiece previously used by Burns for its GB-65/66 jazz guitars.


In accordance with the ancient Gibson tradition that assigns sunburst and (cherry) red as sole canonical finishes for ES-335 shaped guitars, Baldwin used only those particular two colours for the 700 Series as well.

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