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SOLD! - 1967-1970 Gibson Melody Maker SG Pelham Blue Full Scale

SOLD! - 1967-1970 Gibson Melody Maker SG Pelham Blue Full Scale

€ 3.000,00 Normale prijs
€ 2.500,00Verkoopprijs

"You know you want to be like the Master of Cool..."


This insanely cool vintage Gibson Melody Maker SG shines in its original "All Pelham" Blue finish, which has faded to a very cool green depending on the light, and it weather checked seriously on the body, neck and headstock. 


It is all original except for the knobs and a previously installed B5 Bigsby, which is included in the sale (check the last picture)


The Pelham blue finish is still very vibrant blue/green and theres hardly any wear to the body, neck, or frets other than some finish checking. Both pickups are strong and sound surprisingly good. Very articulate and sparkling warm sounding pickups. The tremolo works as these do but personally I would either set it up as a wraparound tailpiece or with the B5 Bigsby for more stability. The neck is straight and the frets are looking fine. The neck is a nice round handfull and way bigger then the usual thin pencil like Melody Maker necks. The post and electronics are also original and date to 1967. The serialnumber however points to 1970 even though Gibson was notoriously incoherent with their serialnumbers in the late 60's and early 70's...


Includes an 60's cardboard case in pretty nackered shape but we can also include a recent hardshell case that fits like a glove. And if you really want to be like the Master of Cool, replace the bridge pup for a Joe Barden Humbucker the size of a Melody Maker pickup. These sound stellar!!

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