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SOLD! - 1967-1968 Laney Sound Systems Pre Supergroup 100 Mk1 LA100 BL

SOLD! - 1967-1968 Laney Sound Systems Pre Supergroup 100 Mk1 LA100 BL

€ 2.500,00 Normale prijs
€ 1.995,00Verkoopprijs

This is a very early 1967/1968 hand bent aluminium chassis, pre supergroup LA100BL.

The super friendly guys at the Laney Service Department checked our pictures inside and out and concluded that this is a rare one off model hand built by Lyndon Laney personally.

All parts that matter are original like the MASSIVE Douglas transformers (as used before Laney started using Partridge transformers). The OT is the BIGGERST we have ever seen and an absolute rarity, as is the split board and wooden block to support that behemoth OT for making the chassis collapse. But as rare as they are, they seem to be 100% original! Two of the 3 top vents are missing, couple of nuts and bolts replaced, handle covers missing but most of the electronics seem original and/or 60's.

The sound is HUGE. It's the ultimate Black Sabbath sound. A monster. Only thing you need now is a '64 SG Special, a Dallas Arbiter Rangemaster and a bit of talent. Oh, and a set of proper ear plugs...

Service Department Laney 2022-06-13

Thanks for the photos, they are great, I have added them to my library, got a nice collection building up of these old beauties !!

I have seen a split board version before but not with a piece of wood?

When I spoke to Lyndon Laney a while ago he said there are a few strange crossover pieces floating about, it is indeed a hand bent aluminium version so circa 1967/8, I did check a few caps in the pics and dates range from 1963 for hunts caps to 1968 for the mustard type, some of these may have been changed over the years, if you check the pots they will have date codes also.

Apparently sometimes the transformers were in short supply and Laney used Partridge, Parsonage, Douglas, RS and even some ex military spec ones over the years.

That output transformer is mighty big, as the chassis is hand built seems Lyndon managed to accommodate the transformer by moving output tubes, this is the first one I have seen like this and its great =)

The 200W back panel would have been a "Whoops we have no panels left so what can we do to get the order out?" =)=)=)=)


Service Department Laney

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