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SOLD! - 1966 SEARS Silvertone 1482 60WATT Piggyback Tremolo Amp 6L6

SOLD! - 1966 SEARS Silvertone 1482 60WATT Piggyback Tremolo Amp 6L6

€ 1.495,00Prijs


Rare and very nice pristine condition 1963 Sears & Roebuck Silvertone 1484 Amplifier which has been maintained beautifully. These amps were introduced in the Fall/Winter 1963 Sears catalog and produced until 1967. It is a 60WATTs head powered by 2 x 6L6 tubes with a 2 x 12inch speaker cabinet. This is a fantastic, ballsy garage-rocker that is looking for a loving home!

It was manufactured by Danelectro for Sears and sold under the Silvertone brand. The 1484 features two 12″ Jensen speakers powered by a 12ax7 preamp and 6L6 power section. These amps have recently surged in popularity because of their use by Jack White, Beck, Billie Joe Armstrong, Dan Auerbach and anyone else who wants great tone.

Popular for great price and massive sound. It's bold tube rock tone is simply stunning. The 6V6’s give it a rich earthy quality. Like freshly tilled soil or a just brewed pot of dark roast coffee. The 1484 really growls when cranked and pushed. Nothing thin, brittle or plinky-ploinky here: its a full blast crunch!! Absolutely fantastic tremolo. Dynamic and full. This gem has been a podium favorite for many many years. And you obviously will bridge the 2 channels for EVEN MORE CRUNCH!!!

O.K....the cabinet is cheesy, the knobs are cheesy, and the reverb (if you find one that works) sounds as if you're in a very small alien bathroom on a distant planet. Now let's talk about the's HUGE! It has got that "Born on the Bayou" Tremelo tube sound that will make ANY digital stomp pedal or solid-state amp sound like a cheap android imitation. The dual 6L6 power tube circuit is very good and if you spend a few bucks on a matched set of high end Old Stock tubes you're ready to soak the entire room with ballsy vintage tube goodness!

The Silvertone breaks up a lot sooner than for example a Fender Showman which is just what we all want. A lot of these piggyback amp combos have been repainted or modified and sell for much less than a nice looking original "Twin Twelve" that still holds the original Jensen C12Q speakers.

Silvertone was the brand name that Sears was using for all of their musically related products in the 1960s including guitars, amplifiers, radios, record players and more. Sears would contract with another manufacturer to make products that they could then sell through their popular catalog. The Silvertone amplifiers manufactured by Danelectro in the mid-1960s have become the most popular among guitar players for their great tube tone and Cold War-era styling. Lately, we're seeing these amps steadily climb in popularity and value!

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