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SOLD! - 1966 Marshall 2x12 Pinstripe #1983 PA Column G12H T1281 White Label

SOLD! - 1966 Marshall 2x12 Pinstripe #1983 PA Column G12H T1281 White Label

€ 1.895,00Prijs

PRICE IS FOR 1 CAB // 2 CABS EUR 3.500,-


You are drooling all over a wonderful and hyper rare pair of 1966 JTM45 era Marshall 2x12 model #1983 columns with original September 1966 Celestion "Marshall Whitelabel" T1281 G12H 25W speakers.


The pinstripe cloth really stands out and is in original condition with a tear on the bottom left corner os one of the columns and the Marshall logos are incomplete but original! 3 speakers have the original 18/014 cone stamp (mid '66) and a 26JL + 23JL date stamp on the front gasket, dating these to 23 and 26 september 1966. One speaker has a late 60's recone. They all sound amazing.


These would make one heck of a completion to your JTM45 head!


The T1281 speaker first appears around October 1966, and was an exclusive model to Marshall. They were mainly used in the 100 logo 4×12 cabs (model 1982) and it is regarded by many as “the Hendrix speaker” because Jimi Hendrix can clearly be seen using these cabs in old footage (and countless other pioneering guitarists back in the 60’s such as Jimmy Page, Eric Clapton and Ritchie Blackmore)


The T1281 is probably the most sought after greenback model of them all and these speakers are loud and bassy with thick and fat sounding lower mids.


Very rare speakers to find in usable condition these days, to say the least...

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