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SOLD! - 1966 Gibson SG Junior Polaris White

SOLD! - 1966 Gibson SG Junior Polaris White

€ 3.000,00Prijs

First things first. This super sweet 3.1Kg 1966 Gibson SG Junior in Alpine White has had a neck reset in the past and you can see the remnants of the work around the heel. It would be a fairly easy fix to have it touched up properly but I decided to leave it as is so you decide. The heel now feels like its a strong and solid repair and the neck has the perfect angle!


Now this axe is ready to rock and it sounds really really good! Not thin or aggressive like a lot of 1960's P90's (which is great in its own way) but warm and harmonic. Even acoustically this guitar just sings. Plugged in you will be positively surprised by the warmth, bells and balanced music it produces! The vibrola works like a charm and the guitar holds tune perfectly. The body and neck have a few dings and touch-ups but in general this one is pretty clean.


All the hardware, plastics, finish, bridge, vibrola, tuners, P90, knobs, pots (1965) etc are original, as is the Gibson softshell case.


Introduced in 1963 as a student model, the SG Junior has been embraced by musicians for almost 60 years now. The cool finishes, typical neck joint and sharp vintage body scarfing are typical hallmarks of the early SG models. Gotta love 'em!!!

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