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SOLD! - 1966 Fender Stratocaster Candy Apple Red refin

SOLD! - 1966 Fender Stratocaster Candy Apple Red refin

€ 8.500,00Prijs

This player Strat has had quite a few modifications - but this is a killer looking axe with a killer sound!


Either one of the previous owners hated MAX's guts (whoever he may be), or he was an angry puck-rocker named MAX who wanted to let people know how he feels in this world.... Either way on the back of the body we find the illuster FUCK MAX engraving which tells a story on its own :-)


Besides the super cool Candy Apple Red refin, which we believe to be an older refin that has some nice checking and an amazing gold glow, there's quite a few nuts and bolts replaced on this guitar, 3 dots missing in the fretboard, a locking system removed from the headstock, black shielding paint in the pickup/pots cavity etc.


The good news is the pickups date 1966, the pots date week 7 and week 5 1966, the switch is the original 3-way 1452 CRL switch, the neck has a 13DEC1965 neck stamp and the serial is 165724 (1966). So all electronics, wiring and woods are from 1966 and that is where it counts!


Comes including the über cool 60's Fender case pictured

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