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SOLD! - 1966-1967 "Export" Fender Deluxe Blackface Vibrato Non Reverb AB763

SOLD! - 1966-1967 "Export" Fender Deluxe Blackface Vibrato Non Reverb AB763

€ 3.495,00Prijs

The Blackface Deluxe Amp is often misinterpreted as a Deluxe Reverb without reverb. It might seem so if you take a look at the front panel and the knob functions. But a closer study of the circuit design will reveal that the Deluxe Reverb vibrato channel has the extra gain stage (one half of the 12AX7 V4 tube) common for the Fender reverb amps. The wet reverb signal is mixed together with the dry signal which has gone through the 3.3MOhm resistor, therefore needing a gain boost before entering the phase inverter. This means one less tube in the Deluxe Amp in the preamp section that will contribute to sustaining harmonics, compression and sag. The Deluxe is therefore cleaner when played high on the volume knob. Still, the clean sound of these amps sound fairly similar goven a common EQ circuitry, phase inverter and power amp section. When the volume is pushed beyond 4-5 where the amps will differ in tone. The Deluxe will remain relatively clean, while the Deluxe Reverb breaks up in a typical blackface manner.

The Deluxe’s power, clean headroom, physical size and tonal characteristics have matched the expectations of more players than any other tube or transistor guitar amp of any brand on this planet. It is said that the Deluxe Reverb is the nr 1 most used amp in recording studios. We can understand why. It is powerful enough to cut through in a band with a drummer and reaches the sweet spot at a reasonable volume. It has the typical blackface 60’s sparkling, scooped clean sound as it’s bigger brothers, just with more smooth breakup, sag and compression. It can not really cut through with Albert Collins’ icy licks like the Deluxe.

The Non Reverb's lack of the reverb gain stage keeps it cleaner longer up the dial, which means more headroom in the "sweet spot" (around 4 on the volume knob). You can change very quickly however by jumpering the channels, which will hit the power tubes harder! That is one advantage that the non reverb blackface amps have opposed to the Reverb Deluxe's. The 2 channels are in phase so they can be "jumped". If you have an A+B box, you can go into the channel of your choice and have the 2nd channel set up for boost for example. When you add the 2nd channel with the pedal you get the sum of the 2 channels without any phase cancelation. Add a little reverb with a good effects pedal and you have the best of both worlds! And if you want a dirtier more overdrive tone you can replace the V1/V2 12AY7 preamp tube with 12AX7 and give it more boost.

Cesar Diaz
One other top-tip is to take out the V1 normal channel preamp tube for more preamp gain in the vibrato channel! This is a mod we personally do to all dual channel blackface, silverface and reissue amps. It is so easy to enable and disable that it can hardly be called a mod. This is one of Cesar Diaz’ tricks in the Fender Custom Shop Vibroverb 64 which he always did to Stevie’s amps. This mod is safe. It has stood the test of time and been been done by players in 50 years in blackface Fender amps.

Now about the amp for sale: just look at it... This beauty is in pristine condition and looks like new! It has been serviced recently and it is ready to use for recording, home use or small gigs. Capacitors are the original Blue Molds that add much to the legendary sound. All transformers are original as is the very rare factory speaker upgrade to this super sounding Jensen Concert Alnico 12inch speaker, which also dates to 1966. The only thing replaced is the footswitch... It sounds chimey, open with lost of harmonics and it's bells ringing like it's X-mas...

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