SOLD! - 1965 WEM Control ER 15 head 15WATT + 2x10 cabinet

€ 1.200,00Prijs

This is a tremendous sounding 60's British amplifier: a lovely original Watkins ER15 15WATTS Twin Channel tube amp with original 2x10" small cab.


Wow, this thing sounds!!! With a strat, very nice clean tone, and crunch at maximum volume. With p90's or Humbuckers this thing roars like a lion!


Originally designed for bass with simple but effective 2-Channel treble and volume options, this one particularly shines when hit with an axe. Its very light and very easy to handle. Its the only stack that's easy to haul around with from gig to gig! The power chord and speaker cable are attached to the back of the head and are easily foldable for travel. The cabinet holds the original 2 x 10" Goodman’s speakers.


Its 15 Watts, has 2 x EL84 Mullard tubes for power, 2 x 12AX7 for preamp and one EZ81 as double diode.

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