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SOLD! - 1965 Selmer Treble N' Bass MKII 50W 2x12 piggyback cabinet

SOLD! - 1965 Selmer Treble N' Bass MKII 50W 2x12 piggyback cabinet

€ 2.750,00Prijs

This all original Treble N' Bass MKII head and 2x12 piggyback cabinet have been together ever since their first purchase in 1965 at "Musikhaus Hummel" in Frankfurt/M, Germany. The shop's badge is still on there!


The amp's 3 x ECC83 preamp, GZ34 Rectifier and 2 x EL34 power tubes churn out a nice and lively 50WATTs of power. The amp sounds really cool and has that typical Selmer sound that hits anywhere between a JMI VOX and a 60's Marshall.


The original cabinet's 12inch Goodmans Blue frame speakers were specially manufactured for Selmer and sound crisp and clean. No repairs, great condition! Only thing replaced over the years are a couple of screws in the backpanel...


I bet that if JMI hadn't given the Beatles their VOX amps for free, these Selmers would have been the #1 to go to amp for them, and everyone else trying to be them!


Designed for Guitar or Bass, the two channels are very different tonally.  Jumper them together for increased gain and amazing tonal options. Very glassy clean in the Normal channel and I believe that's due to the presence being set full on at the factory. A couple of component changes and this can be brought down. The bass channel is as you would expect, and gives a very full sound for guitar. 


This makes one hell of a set and a great addition to any high end collection.



-Head Serial #: 47197

-Cabinet Serial #: 46991

-Power Output: 50 Watts

-Tubes: 5AR4, 2xEL34, 3x12AX7

-Controls: Volume, Treble, Bass | Volume, Treble, Bass


-original Tolex

-original Grillcloth

-original leather handles

-original back panels

-original 2 x 12" Goodmans Blue Frame Selmer speakers

-original transformers

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