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SOLD! - 1965 Marshall JTM50 MKIII 50W Super PA JTM45 white panel

SOLD! - 1965 Marshall JTM50 MKIII 50W Super PA JTM45 white panel

€ 7.900,00Prijs

Holy Cow! Here we have a very early uncirculated Marshall JTM50 50W Super PA head, which is like a JTM45 with 8 inputs!!


Instead of spending 15k+ for a JTM45 you might be better off buying this pristine beauty and get 4 extra holes with it :-)

It is in extremely rare original condition and has the cool white back panel, a very early serial number, Q1 1964 Mustard caps and a lovely set of original transformers. Includes the original Mullard GZ34 in the rectifier position and Pope EL34 power tubes. It is completely untouched underneath on the circuit board.

This really is a true collectors piece as the condition is extremely good! You can tell it’s been in a loving house all these years and not taken out gigging. The green tolex has no scuffs to it anywhere. Both the white back panel and front plexi are uncracked and completely original. Even the original knobs are all there!


Together with the new owner we will decide what to do with it upon request. You can leave it all original as is, or we can have it serviced @ our cost by our Amp Tech to get it up to safe and gigging standards by replacing some elco's, have it BIASsed etc.


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