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SOLD! - 1965 JMI VOX AC10 Ten Twin Combo Vibrato 2x10

SOLD! - 1965 JMI VOX AC10 Ten Twin Combo Vibrato 2x10

€ 2.500,00 Normale prijs
€ 2.250,00Verkoopprijs

“Dick Denny said that out of all his designs he loved the simple VOX AC10 twin the best. His daughter down in Hastings area sold Dick's own personal AC10 twin in 2014. She said: "That was the only VOX amp that he really ever loved..."


One sweet amp this is... A roaring little beast. Perfect for that living room, studio or small stages. Spot on Tom Petty tone. Chords are crystal clear, and the sound is great! You can get that early 60's rock tone nailed on this baby just like that!!


This particular Jennings Musical Industries Ltd. example, serial number 1940 was recently serviced and in great gigging condition. Perhaps the best small UK-made amp of all time, the 12WATT output rating bellies an incredibly lush overdrive and undeniably large tone profile when used with P90’s or humbuckers. Showcasing both the signature VOX chime and a unique mid-rage compression, the AC10 is a very special amp. The perfect size and output for recording purposes, the AC10 is also a highly practical live amp for low stage-volume environments. Considering it’s condition, this amp is just perfect for those who want to rock it!!


All of the transformers are original (Albion 10/120, Albion 8/K/15, Power Trafo), all pots, most capacitors, Vibrato channel and footswitch, tolex, grillcloth and even most of the the tubes are original and perfectly functional. Equipped with 2 x Celestion 7442 15Ohms 10inch speakers with original N1B4HK + N1B4HN conus.


The AC10 is unique in that it offers the authentic VOX tone through a pair of 10inch speakers. In general, 10″ speakers seem to offer a more pleasant personality and have a bit more cranked punch to them. And on top of that the AC10 is not as face ripping loud as its big fat brother the AC30...

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