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SOLD! - 1965 Gibson Trini Lopez Standard Cherry Red

SOLD! - 1965 Gibson Trini Lopez Standard Cherry Red

€ 6.995,00Prijs

Only 321 Trini Lopez Standard guitars came out of the Kalamazoo Factory in 1965 and this is one of them. A rare bird indeed!


"The Gibson guitar that was inspired by Trini Lopez is as exciting as the young performer who helped create it," reads one of Gibson's original 1960s advertisements.


In the mid 1960's, a young native Texan singer’s star was rising. With his 1963 hit debut, Trinidad "Trini" Lopez III was scaling the charts with a set of rockin’ folk and pop covers including a rousing take on “If I Had a Hammer” that reached No. 3 on Billboard’s Hot 100 chart. The cover image for his breakout LP showed Lopez with a Gibson Barney Kessel, which undoubtedly inspired Gibson to seek Lopez out as an endorsee.


The Trini Lopez guitar is favored these days by many famous musicians from Dave Grohl to Noel Gallagher:


"This guitar, I've made every single Foo Fighters record with it. This one. This is a fucking beautiful guitar. I saw this in a guitar shop in Bethesda, Maryland. I think it was 1992 or '93 or something like that, I was still in Nirvana when I bought it. I thought it was unusual because it looks like a Gibson ES 335 except that it has diamond-shaped F-holes and has this different headstock on it. And I didn't really know anything about Trini Lopez the artist when I bought it. But this fucking thing, this is the sound of the Foo Fighters - this guitar. On every record I might use other guitars every now and then, but for the most part it's just this."

Dave Grohl about his Gibson Trini Lopez Guitar

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