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SOLD! - 1965 Gibson SG Junior Cherry Red Small Guard

SOLD! - 1965 Gibson SG Junior Cherry Red Small Guard

€ 5.250,00Prijs

Introduced in 1963 as a student model, the SG Junior has been embraced by musicians for almost 60 years now. The rich cherry lacquer finish, early 60's neck joint and sharp vintage body scarfing are typical hallmarks of this model. It’s equipped with the powerful single dogear P-90 pickup with handwired controls and capacitor. The Kluson strip tuners with white buttons, wraparound bridge and just 1 pickup with volume and tone knobs also contribute to simplicity, function and rock-solid tone!


This particular axe is a super cool and all original 2.6Kg light weight ROCK BEAST! It has a nice chunky neck, super low action, powerful P90 and a lively and resonant body. And it comes in the original cardboard faux croc alligator case. And oh yes, it rocks like there is no tomorrow... 


The original P90 pickup really roars and together with the original hardware, Kluson strip tuners, stop tail piece, pickguard, knobs etc it is all original. Pots date to the first weeks of 1965 and have untouched solder. No cracks, no breaks, not even the infamous heel-crack... Frets are also in great shape. The original finish glows perfect under blacklight and shows a magnificent weather checking pattern all over the body and neck.

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