SOLD! - 1965 Gibson Melody Maker D Stop Tail 2.5Kg Cardinal Red finish

€ 1.795,00 Normale prijs
€ 1.650,00Verkoopprijs

Super lightweight: 2.5Kgs only!!


All original and beautiful 1965 Melody Maker in original Cardinal Red finish with a Stoptail, not with the Vibrato that most of the guitarists remove anyway :-)


Beautiful Brazilian rosewood fretboard! (CITES included), two nice sounding MM pickups, low action, great neck, no cracks no breaks, original pots, knobs, tuners, etc etc. Comes in a vintage but non original hardshell case.


The pickups have a bit of a Telecaster sound to it, but with less twang and more snarl/punch and a good midrange. More woody. Lows are warm and tight, like a P90. When you hit a power chord you instantly Rock! Anyone that likes to play raw, aggressive rock music will love this vintage Melody Maker for real.

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