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SOLD! - 1965/1968 Fender Stratocaster Sunburst w/ Tremolo L-series

SOLD! - 1965/1968 Fender Stratocaster Sunburst w/ Tremolo L-series

€ 17.500,00Prijs

Killer sounding Stratocaster with all 1965 parts and a 1968 body!!

The Strat for sale is a nice example with the original 1965 neck and all original 1965 parts. The body is from 1968 with original Sunburst finish faded on the front to a lovely two-tone with just a hint of red visible, the back still has the full sunburst shining. The body has several marks, dings, dongs and playwear on the front, back and sides. This guitar was played!! The neck dates 2OCT65B (october 1965) and has the original finish partly worn off the back: she feels super sweet and easy in your hands! It has a nice somewhat bigger and fatter C-shape feel and you can hear the resonance of the wood of this guitar when strumming. The stunning dark fretboard with perloid dots is in great condition and was refretted. Everything lights up nicely under UV.

The Grey Bottom staggered polepiece pickups date 11-9-1965 and sound absolutely amazing. Warm with lots of bells and tinkles and aggressive in the bridge with power for leads. All pickups are original with the original wire and leads, the bridge pickup lead is extended, possibly swapped with the middle pickup as the one currently in the bridge is the most powerfull. The bridge pickup was once replaced for a humbucker and the bridge pickup routing was expanded to accommodate it. It was nicely done and reversed and lacquered for over 20 years ago. The original CTS "crater" pots date 137.6510 (week 10, 1965) and the guitar has it's original wiring, capacitor, mostly untouched solder, an 1980's CRL (diamond logo) 3-Way switch Pat. No. 2503885 and the original tuners, single stringtree, bridge, tremolo arm, Fender PAT PEND saddles and original plastics: pickguard, pickup covers, knobs, switchtip, tremolo arm and even the backplate is there. The case is a recent Fender Cheney England Pro Reissue Case which is absolutely top of the line!!

And to top it off, this guitar features in a Dutch documentary "Pitch: Rock on!" from Cultura about the history of the electric guitar, where it is played and loved by several famous Dutch guitar players among which a pretty cool rock guitar player named Arjan Boogders from Helloïse, who owned it for over 20 years.

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