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SOLD! - 1965 Fender Electric XII 12-string Sunburst

SOLD! - 1965 Fender Electric XII 12-string Sunburst

€ 5.000,00Prijs

This is one of the very first Fender Electric XII's, built in 1965 with Kluson double line tuners, a beautiful Brazilian Rosewood fingerboard with pearloid dot position markers on a sweet flame maple neck. Comes with the original Fender XII Hardshell Case with orange plush lining ans she is all original.


One of the very first ones, built in 1965 with Kluson double line tuners and beautiful Brazilian Rosewood fingerboard with pearloid dot position markers and all original. Comes with the original Fender XII Hardshell Case with orange plush lining


It has the original Sunburst nitro finish and it is still in stunning shape for an instrument that is over 55 years old. The action is very good, especially for a twelve string, and it is very comfortable to play. Has some nice vintage finish checking on the headstock. This is a super resonant guitar with a lot of chime & sustain, it rings like a bell!!


Introduced in late 1965, this model had unusual split pickups, much like a Precision bass. Designed by Leo Fender, the Fender Electric XII was introduced with the bulk of the production taking place in 1966. The model was ultimately discontinued around 1970. Unlike its competitors electric 12-string models, which were simply existing 6-string guitars with six more strings, the Fender Electric XII was a ground-up 12 string designed to capture part of the folk-rock market. The headstock was different from Fender's usual 6 on-a-side shape, and is sometimes referred to as a "hockey stick". Leo Fender's bridge design for this model is very simple, works well, and may be one of Fender's best designs of the 1960s. The bridge has an individual saddle for each string, allowing for precise intonation. A string-through-body design also helps to increase sustain.


Some notable users of the Electric XII were Pete Townshend, who used it extensively on the album Tommy, and Jimmy Page, who used it on Led Zeppelin's famous Stairway to Heaven on the studio recording and on Jeff Beck's, Beck's Bolero. Lou Reed and Sterling Morrison purchased matching Fender XIIs before the sessions for the Velvet Underground's eponymous third album in 1968.


The May 1966 list price was $356 and its case cost $59.50, which was a whopping amount of money at the time!


The following description is taken from the 1969 Fender lovin' care catalogue


Changing moods - heavy to delicate to rich and smooth; that's the Fender Electric 12-string. Fender has built unmatched versatility into the 12-string to correspond to full needs of musicians. The first two pair of strings are tuned in unison and the remaining four pairs in octaves. Two wide range split pickups are designed to give maximum effectiveness of the 12 strings. A four way tone selector switch allows the player to select either of the two pickups, both or a separate wide range effect. In addition, a tone control placed immediately below the volume control enables sound flexibility.


Twelve individual barrel type bridges, carefully graduated in size to follow the contour of the fingerboard are adjustable for length. The entire bridge channel may be raised or lowered at either end of the channel. \the slim neck of the 12-string contains an adjustable truss-rod which maintains perfect alignment. It has 21 frets and may be ordered with a size narrower or a size wider than standard width at the nut. It is bound and has inlaid position markers for easier fretting and added beauty. The "off-set" waist body design is another Fender first. This unique design places the player's arm in a natural position over the strings.


The 12-string features the finest workmanship and components, and all metal parts subject to wear are case hardened and heavily plated to retain their beauty even after long use. It is finished in shaded Sunburst or may be ordered in selected custom finishes.

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