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SOLD! - 1965-1966 White Panel Marshall JTM45/100 JTM100 MKIII 100W Super PA 1968

SOLD! - 1965-1966 White Panel Marshall JTM45/100 JTM100 MKIII 100W Super PA 1968

€ 7.500,00Prijs

For Paul Kossoff from Free this was the amp of amps: a mid sixties Marshall JTM100 Super PA, as seen and used during many of his later live gigs like the 1970 concert on the Isle of Wight.


The 100W Super PA amplifier is basically the same circuit as a Super Lead combined with a Super Bass: The Lead section sounds like a Super Lead, the Bass section sounds like a Super Bass. 


Super PA's are a really underrated amps. They are just as good as the Plexi's (probably even more versatile) but the “strange looks” sometimes scare people a bit and they think this is not a good amp. But boy are they wrong. For that reason, these amps are less expensive and are a really great deal, if you can still find one!!


This one sounds fantastic and is an early example of the true tone monsters Marshall would create just before and during the plexi era: 100WATTs of pure plexi tone heaven! 


It has the very rare white back panel that Marshall used before switching to plexi in 1967, 4 x EL34 power tubes of which currently in this amp 2 old stock Philips are matched and biassed to 50WATTS so it's not so loud it will rip your face straight off, 4 x old stock Philips ECC83/12AX7 preamp tubes, 2 channels with each 4 inputs, aluminium folded chassis, original pots, inpuits etc. The Mullard capacitors date it to B4 (2nd quarter 1964) and A5 (1st quarter 1965). When serviced a few bits and pieces were changed or modded and the back panel was replaced, but the most important thing is that the transformers are 100% original: this thing roars like a lion!!!

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