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SOLD! - 1964 VOX AC-10 Twin 2x10 Combo vibrato

SOLD! - 1964 VOX AC-10 Twin 2x10 Combo vibrato

€ 2.750,00Prijs

These amps are known as the perfect pick if you're into that cool early 60's Tom Petty/The Kinks/The Faces tone. Chords are crystal clear, driven it will nail those recognisable 60's rock tones with lots of mids just like that!! Perfect for that living room, studio or small stages.


This amp truly sounds fantastic and doesnt break your back when hauling it from venue to venue. The original speakers are long gone and have been switched out with Jensen Design speakers: the perfect upgrade. It's been looked over by an amp tech recently and runs 100%


Comes incl. the original sand cast VOX footswitch (!!) and is fitted with the (original?) RS Mains Power Transformer 196-072 RF7, Albion 8K/15 Output Transformer and Albion 10/120 Choke. The voltage rotary switch is disconnected so you cant make the mistake of setting it to a wrong voltage level by accident.


Dick Denny said that out of all his designs he loved the simple Vox AC10 twin the best. His daughter down in Hastings area sold Dick's own personal AC10 twin in 2014. She said: "That was the only Vox amp that he really ever loved..."


The AC10 is unique in that it offers the authentic JMI Vox tone through a pair of 10inch speakers. In general, 10″ speakers seem to offer a more pleasant personality and the AC10 is not as ripping loud as the AC30 for example.


And this one has had a resistor mod performed to provide greater tonal breadth and clarity. On the inputs of each channel the 220K grid resistor is replaced with a 68K resistor (as was standard in the AC15 and AC30). After the mod the sound changed from good to nothing less than breathtaking!

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