SOLD! - 1964 Selmer Thunderbird Twin 50 1964 Croc Skin Truvoice

€ 3.000,00Prijs

This amp sounds like what Rock'n'Roll is supposed to sound like... Whithout a doubt this is one of the coolest amps in the world!!


Original stand, caster wheels, tolex, transformers, electronics, WIMA and Mustard caps, pots, croc-skin tolex, grill cloth, etc.

2 x original Philips EL34 power tubes, Philips GZ34 rectifier, Philips ECC83/12AX7 preamp


2 x super rare 965 Celestion 12inch Thames Ditton Surrey England speakers model T1134 original cones stamp 7/H1777 15Ohm. The T1134 model was most likely the first 'G12H' speaker Celestion ever made! 


The famous croc-skin Selmers are probably the most sought-after models due to their exotic good looks. Imitation crocodile-skin (and snake-skin) finishes were commonly seen on British footwear and fashion accessories in the mid-sixties, and Selmer departed from their normally staid and traditional finishes by adopting a very striking two-tone croc-skin/black colour scheme - just in time for the September 1963 British Music Trade Fair. 

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