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SOLD! - 1964 JMI VOX AC30 Twin 2x12 Red Copper Panel Combo Treble AC-30/6

SOLD! - 1964 JMI VOX AC30 Twin 2x12 Red Copper Panel Combo Treble AC-30/6

€ 3.000,00Prijs

This beautiful 1964 Copper Panel AC30 sounds nothing short of spectacular with an incredibly dynamic and touch sensitive responsiveness, smooth tube saturation and glassy clarity that has made this AC30 one of the most sought after amps of all time.

This amp delivers both the detailed cleans and midrange rich tube overdrive that are the hallmarks of the AC30 tone, not to mention providing fantastic lush vibrato and tremolo on the third pair of inputs! But when pushed this amp turns into a fire breathing dragon!!!

On top of that the channels are bridged (easy reverse) so that when plugged into the "red" input, you can blend all 3 channels to your liking! High power Treble with a little added bottom from the Normal channel and a hint of Vibrato? It's all there, just dial it in!
The list of AC30 enthusiasts is endless, with a story that began with Hank Marvin, Bruce Welch and Jet Harris of The Shadows (for whom the amplifier was originally developed during early 1960s before Beatlemania!) and quickly grew to include players such as John Lennon, Paul McCartney and George Harrison, Brian May, Rory Gallagher, The Edge, Pete Townshend, Mark Knopfler and countless others.
It has been serviced recently and all the important parts (transformers, speakers etc) are all original to this amp. Some pots were replaced as well as some caps and resistors and an extra fuse was planted into the circuit to prevent it from burning out a transformer when breathing fire all over the front row... And sure it has 2 holes in the backpanel from an old external extension cabinet and 1 plastic vent is missing. But this is not a museum piece. This is the one which sound haunts you in your dreams at night. This is the one you've been looking for. You want it. You need it. It's got your name on it.

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