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SOLD! - 1964 Fender Concert Blackface 4x10 AB763 Export Model

SOLD! - 1964 Fender Concert Blackface 4x10 AB763 Export Model

€ 1.900,00Prijs

This is a beast... It's a 1964 Fender Concert in perfect working order that has seen quite a few stages. And to make life easy its an EXPORT version so you can switch between US 110V and EU 230-240 Volts.


Essentially a Super Reverb without the reverb, the Concert shares the same AA763 preamp as its "Super" brother, and this amp has notably more headroom and clarity (given that the reverb circuit adds a gain stage). Warm, detailed, and able to deliver that classic Blackface shimmer like few amps can, this Concert is a prime example of the pinnacle of Fender's Pre-CBS circuit design. 


And let's not forget about that classic Blackface tremolo! The circuit is all original, with power- and output transformers made by Schumacher and dating to 1964 as well as the Choke. The tube chart has a "NK" date stamp, translating to November of 1964. The preamp is untouched and free of oxidation. The speakers are Oxford 10L6-1 10inch speakers that hold their own and they deliver a sweet and balanced midrange character that is the perfect match for the Blackface preamp.

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