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SOLD! - 1964 EXPORT 117-230V Fender Vibrolux Non-Reverb Tremolo AA763 Blackface

SOLD! - 1964 EXPORT 117-230V Fender Vibrolux Non-Reverb Tremolo AA763 Blackface

€ 4.150,00Prijs

Collector grade - super rare Non Reverb EXPORT 117-230 VOLTS model!


Here's one you don't see every week.... if ever!! This 1964 Fender Vibrolux Blackface is the first of the bunch. Don't let the "Price Guides" fool you and don't be mistaken: This is NOT the pretty common Vibrolux Reverb. This is the Non Reverb version, and an EXPORT model on top of that!


And it is in stunning shape. Original transformers (Power transformer 125P31A date code 606318 (week 18, 1963) Output transformer 125A7A date code 606340 (week 40, 1963) Choke 125C3A date code 606-4-02 (week 2, 1964), original 12inch Oxford Alnico 12L6N date code 465-350 (week 50, 1963) with original cone, original RSD GZ34 rectifier tube, original Fender 7025 preamp tubes and 12AT7 phase inverter tube, 2 x TAD 6L6WGC-STR blackplate power tube, new J&J ECC83S/12AX7 tremolo tube. The tolex and grillcloth are in very good condition as is the chassis, cabinet etc etc. serial# is A 00986 and production code 2E. Tube Chart date stamp NC (March 1964). Replaced footswitch.


This example is one from the second production run (of which there were only two production runs) dated "NC" March 1964. It is a 35 Watt tone monster that hits the sweet spot anywhere between a small wattage Champ and a high wattage Twin or Super.  Some call it "the perfect amount of controllable crunch" with the two 6L6's and tube rectifier bringing out that perfect amount of grit and compression.  As a band member on stage you get just the right volume and "that" guitar tone we are all looking for.  That is also the reason it is one of the most sought after tube amps of the 1960's.


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