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SOLD! - 1963 Fender Stratocaster Fiesta Red L-series refin Pre-CBS

SOLD! - 1963 Fender Stratocaster Fiesta Red L-series refin Pre-CBS

€ 16.995,00Prijs

Pre-CBS Fender Stratocasters are probably the most sought after Strats in the world and this 3.4Kg 1963 L-serial Stratocaster is the perfect player to pick! Great tone, smooth feel, well balanced sounds and lots of bells and harmonics. The neck pickup is warm and full, the bridge spanky and perfect for solos. This guitar plays so easy you can pick it up and play it all day long.

The original alder body has all correct '63 marks like pinholes, nail holes, shoulder control cavity and body shape. Most likely early 1970 an old routing at the the neck- and bridge pickup were restored, the pots were replaced and the guitar was refinished. Recently the refinish and ageing was professionally redone, perfectly photo-documented while sanded and refinished in Fiesta Red nitro (white nitro undercoat, nitro Fiesta Red top coat, vintage tinted gloss nitro lacquer finish, faded and aged with beautiful craquelé) by Dick Noordijk from Noordijk Guitar Care.

It has three original 1963 black bottom pickups 5,26k (bridge), 5,22k (middle) and 5,31k (neck) Ohm, 1963 cloth wire, a "phonebook" capacitor, original knobs, switch tip, pickup covers, tremolo block, tremolo arm and tip, saddles, backplate in near mint condition, neckplate, screws, Kluson Deluxe single line tuners, jackplate, output jack, pickguard shield, string tree etc. The volume pot dates 1973 week 49, the tone pots date 1970 week 02. It has a repro nitrate aged vintage correct pickguard and a replaced 5-way switch.

The maple neck with rosewood veneer fretboard is in great condition with the original nitro finish with hardly any significant wear, the original 1963 Fender 3 patent no. spaghetti logo decal, single string tree, Kluson Deluxe single line tuners and a beautiful dark figured Brazilian rosewood fretboard in great condition. It was refretted and the frets are in perfect condition as well. The fretboard was planed a little with the refret and looks gorgeous. The neck feels super smooth and has that typical '63 C shape that feels very comfortable. The guitar comes in a recent Fender black rectangular case with orange/red plush lining.

All in all an amazing Strat for an amazing price!

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