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SOLD! - 1963 Epiphone The Professional EA-7P outfit: guitar + amp set!

SOLD! - 1963 Epiphone The Professional EA-7P outfit: guitar + amp set!

€ 6.250,00 Normale prijs
€ 4.500,00Verkoopprijs

Über cool vintage 1963 Epiphone Professional outfit (Guitar + Amp) in excellent all original and functional condition. 


There are very few of these still together as a pair, and fewer still in such nice shape... 


These are outfits are really special and very rare! Essentially this is a single pickup, full scale Riviera/Sheraton/Gibson ES-335 with Pickguard mounted controls for the amplifier tremolo and reverb, as well as a Gibson ES-345/ES-355 style Varitone matrix. And, if this all isn't enough, it also has the standard volume and tone controls ;-) The guitar plugs into the amp with a special cable, attached to the amp. This means every sound, volume, effect, reverb, tremolo etc etc is arranged on the guitar and not on the amp!!


That said, both amplifier and guitar are also useable as stand alone units: the guitar with standard vol/tone controls and jack output, and the amp with a standard instrument input jack. This set however is all complete and can be used with all the bells and whistles as intended.


The PAF mini humbucker on the guitar is hot and nasty and sounds like a more focused version of a full sized humbucker. The neck is straight without cracks or breaks and lightning fast. It plays very easy. The original finish shows a lot of typical craquelé and weather checking and a few chipped parts are touched up but its all original with no overspray or refins.


The amp is just badass. It is 17 Watts via 2 x EL84 power tubes and the original 1963 12-inch Jensen speaker and the sound is very VOX AC15 like with a little extra Marshall-ish oomph. And all original as well!


She’ll be perfect for the player, collector, or pro musician. Just about anyone who appreciates a thing of rare beauty and vintage technology.

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